I maintain a nice collection of plants in my apartment, really like them, take very good care of them. They are my lil plant friends and actually I currently pay closer attention to keeping them well watered and healthy than I do with my real, human friends that I can completely forget to contact for weeks. I feel worse leaving them alone in my apartment for a few days than not texting actual people. Also I am really sorry about this text post, it’s pretty late here so yeah.

I just started raining really hard and I got up quickly to sit on my windowsill and now here I am blogging naked with my windows wide open, I feel so good and alive,
also I am in love and for the first time, glad I am. What a glorious time to be awake

lovely people and a lovely place

I’m eating currant and feeling cute and confident in this new bra I just bought




Micah P. Hinson - Beneath The Rose

- artist of the day.


watering plants is so stressful like you can’t ask them if they need more or less? like is this enough for you, oh is this too much or do you need more water to grow, are you thirsty, shit are you drowning can you answer me   P LE ASE


legalize nipples